If you enjoy riding your tandem bike around home, chances are good that you will also have fun riding it on vacation and when you travel to other places for day and weekend trips. Having your own tandem carrier will make traveling with this type of bicycle a lot easier. Consider these three things to look for in a tandem carrier for your car, truck or SUV.

Installation Options

Decide whether you want a rack to mount on the back of the vehicle or on its roof. A carrier on the back may be a good choice if you will have to pass under low trees or bridges. A carrier on the roof makes it easier to access items stored in the trunk or rear gate area of your car, van or SUV. However, if you already have a luggage rack on the top of your car, then you might have to mount the rack on the back of it.

Carrying Options

You may want a tandem bike rack that allows you to carry two or more bicycles. Perhaps you have one tandem bike to bring and one standard bike to transport. There are racks that can accommodate both types of bicycles at the same time. You may also wish to transport two tandem bikes on your trip. You can get racks for this situation, too.

Positioning and Security

When traveling with your tandem bike, you may want to reduce friction. If the bike is wider than the vehicle, the aerodynamics will be poor. This could interfere with fuel economy. It could also make parking difficult. A bike that sticks out too far is at risk of getting sideswiped by other vehicles. Consider a bike rack that allows the wheel to be turned at a 90-degree angle. You may also want to have one with wheel locks so that the wheels don’t move.

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