While diamonds have long been the primary stone in engagement rings, newer trends are swinging towards using colored stones instead. Sapphires engagement rings are some of the most popular engagement rings that you can buy or have made and look great on any bride. With sapphires having so many benefits, it’s easy to see why brides all over the world are opting for engagement rings that use this gorgeous stone.

They’re Affordable

If you want to buy an engagement ring that has a large center stone, then opting for sapphires engagement rings is the best option as they are much more affordable than diamond rings are. This means that you will be able to choose a much larger stone than what you would be able to afford if you were to select a diamond ring.

They’re Gorgeous

It’s easy to find sapphires that are deep blue or ones that are lighter. Because of all of the variations in shade, size, and cut, you can buy sapphires engagement rings that are completely different and unique from other rings that you will find. If you want the engagement ring that you buy to really stand out, then you will want to opt for a sapphire as they are eye-catching and will attract attention.

They’re Durable

Perfect for people who work with their hands or are hard on their jewelry, sapphires are incredibly strong, resistant to scratches, and difficult to break. While some people may prefer other colored gemstones, sapphires are basically indestructible.

When you are going to be choosing an engagement ring, it’s important that you pick one to wear for life. By opting for sapphires engagement rings, you can rest easy that you will have a unique piece of jewelry to wear or give to your significant other and that it will be eye-catching, unique, and incredibly durable.

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