Tongue rings are a great accessory and also happen to be a lot of fun. When it’s time for something new and different, it pays to be practical even as you broaden your horizons in terms of style. To help you find the right type of ring or rings, keep these two tips in mind.

Medical Grade Materials Only

When it comes to tongue rings, you’re talking about something that will be in your mouth. Not all the materials used by different companies are actually safe. In general, avoid rings that look flimsy or are made using different materials that could collect bacteria and infect the piercing.

The best solution is to stick with medical grade metals. That may or may not include gold, depending on the nature of the gold used. In general, titanium is a good option, since it’s easy to keep clean and will also look great for a long time.

Size Counts

While you want to make a statement with tongue rings, it pays to go with something that does not interfere with the ability to speak clearly. By all means, feel free to try something that’s a little larger and see what happens. If it doesn’t feel comfortable or you notice that it makes saying certain words a little more difficult, go with something that’s a little smaller. It won’t take long to find the right balance in terms of size, comfort, and function.

Remember to have fun as you look at different ring designs. From thin and petite to chunky with lovely engravings, there’s something out there that’s perfect for you.

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