If you want the most luxurious sleep experience available, you want Mulberry silk fitted sheet and flat sheet sets. Mulberry silk is a special type of silk and provides an extra special sleep experience. When you are ready to step up your game, it is hard to beat Mulberry silk.

What is Special About Mulberry Silk?

Many people prefer to sleep on silk sheets. It is gentler on your hair and skin than fabrics such as cotton and flannel. You are less likely to wake up with crazy bedhead or indented wrinkles on your face when you sleep on silk. Moisture wicks away from silk better than other fabrics, keeping you comfortable all night. Making the step to Mulberry silk is the next logical one. There are a variety of reasons why quality is higher for this type of silk.

Mulberry silk is made from silk cocoons that are bred entirely in captivity. The entire life cycle is carefully controlled. Because the Mulberry silkworm works under ideal conditions, the threads are rounder, lighter, and smoother than traditional silk threads. Mulberry silk threads are also more uniform in color and size than traditional threads. These threads are also more durable than traditional threads, which adds to the longevity of your Mulberry silk fitted sheet and flat sheet sets.

When you are ready to upgrade your sleep situation, get in touch with

Thxsilk, Inc. They specialize in silk bedding sets and can provide you with the perfect set for your bedding. Once you sleep on silk, you will have trouble going back to anything else.

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