While ears pierced in a boutique in the mall is practically a right of passage for many little girls (and a few boys), other piercings are not done in these shops. Instead, you need to go to a body modification shop, a body piercing shop, or a tattoo shop that does piercings on the side. If you are a little nervous about walking into these shops to ask for a piercing, don’t be. Here are the reasons why you do not need to fear the piercing tools in these shops.

Sterilization in an Autoclave

All licensed piercing, tattoo, and body modification shops are required to sterilize their instruments in an autoclave or use fresh instruments every single time. An autoclave looks like a miniaturized version of a front-loading washing machine crossed with a microwave. You open the door, load the instruments onto racks, and then shut the door and set the machine to sterilize. After a certain number of hours, the instruments are sterile and ready to use again.

The Piercing Tools Are Sharp and Make Slightly Bigger Holes

A lot of people don’t realize this, but a slightly bigger hole for a piercing is necessary to prevent a pierced area from sealing up. The tools used in these adult piercing shops are sharp enough to avoid causing too much pain, and just wide enough in diameter to create the right size hole for a healthy piercing. Your piercing will not seal shut every time you remove the placeholder stud. Contact Body Jewelry at bodyjewelry.com today to make an appointment.

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