We all know the typical occasions that call for a bouquet of flowers, including weddings, funerals, dates, and birthdays. However, what about a less traditional event that you would like to commemorate with flowers? If you have been thinking about it, you may enjoy the below list on unconventional occasions for which to enlist a florist in your area of Ankeny, Iowa.

Comfort for a Divorce

It may seem like too much of a somber event for flowers. However, flowers can have the power to comfort, and let others know you are thinking about them, so why not send a friend who recently ended their marriage a bouquet? It may pick them up if they are down. That is a big if… The newly single person may already be resolved, and if so, send the flowers with a note celebrating their entry back into the market! Being single is something that so many don’t appreciate until it is gone. Whether as sympathy or celebration, seek out a florist in Ankeny for the perfect flowers to usher in a divorcee’s new phase of life.

Celebrate a Graduation

If you have a friend who has decided to further their education and has recently graduated, or if you have children who have graduated, reward them with a nice bouquet of flowers. The cake, and I love you’s will come as well, but the flowers can symbolize the graduate’s blossoming new life. Flowers can be a lovely, sweet-smelling way to tell your graduate that they have many, beautiful options ahead of them!

Congratulate a New Job

Sending flowers to celebrate a loved one’s job acquisition is a nice way to tell them congratulations. Particularly if the loved one wanted the job badly! If your loved one scored that coveted job, order a bouquet from a florist in Ankey for them to perch atop their desk, or in their work space. If it’s not that type of job, then they can commemorate the event at home, on display in a room in which they spend the most time.

Yes, it may seem sort of strange to adorn these occasions with flowers. However, it is always a very thoughtful thing to do, so if you want to gift flowers to someone, go ahead! Whether it is divorce, graduation, or a new job, your loved one will appreciate your appreciation for them! Click here for more ideas.

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