There is something special that occurs when baby’s, and later children, grow up around books and reading. Kids that have books in their lives from early ages, and that are read to as infants and children, develop a lifelong love of reading, which is an excellent habit to cultivate right from their first day home from the hospital. Giving baby bookends and a couple of your favorite kid’s books makes a gift that the entire family will enjoy.

What Style to Choose?

There are many different styles of baby bookends to choose from. Selecting the right one has a lot to do with your personal taste as well as how you know that the nursery or play room is going to be decorated. If you aren’t sure or don’t know the colors you can always ask Mom or Dad, they will be happy to let you know.

Most baby bookends are designed to be unisex so they can make a terrific gift for both boys and girls. This is ideal if you don’t know the baby’s gender, but it is also a good idea if you don’t want to be stereotypical in the colors and styles that you select.

Popular options include baby bookends featuring animals from the jungle, bugs and butterflies, spaceships, trains and even old style bi-wing planes. You want to look for baby bookends that are well constructed and moderately heavy, natural wood is a great option for durability and weight.

Personalizing Your Gift Of Baby Bookends

Another advantage to wood baby bookends is that they can be easily personalized with the baby’s name if you are giving the gift after the birth. This makes them a true keepsake and definitely a prized possession.

Don’t forget to add a couple of books to get the collection started in the baby bookends. Perhaps you might want to give a favorite copy of your bedtime story or a favorite book of your child or from your childhood.

Another benefit of giving baby bookends is that you always have a gift to give for birthdays, Christmases and other special events. A new book to add to the collection is something that will be enjoyed and also help to build a true love of reading for the child.

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