Certainty scrubs are one of the most popular options among medical professionals. You may not know it but several brands such as Code Happy, Cherokee and Sapphire are made with fabric treated with Certainty technology.


One reason that medical professionals are so attracted to certainty scrubs is the fact that the scrubs are resistant to microbes and infections. This is really handy when you’re working in an environment chock full sick people and, therefore, microbes. In fact, antimicrobial scrubs can protect against MRSA, which is pretty much a health care worker’s nightmare.

Certainty scrubs also allow for extra peace of mind when you have to make a detour for a few errands before you can go home to change after your shift.

Odorless Shifts

Because Certainty technology protects from microbes, it’s also protective against those that contribute to body odor or musty closet smells. So whether you heavily use your scrubs as you go through fast-paced shifts, or if it’s been stored in the closet for a long, long time, you’re still covered.

Soft and Comfy

While old antimicrobial technology could only work on rough, thick and highly uncomfortable fabric, certainty scrubs are soft and comfortable.

Brand new technology ensures that Certainty scrubs have none of that discomfort. In fact, if you take a peek at the brands that use it, you’ll find that they’re pretty much like comfortable generic scrubs.


Regular exposure to the elements, as well as toxic shifts, can take a toll on our favorite uniforms. You’ll be happy to know that Certainty scrubs are a pretty good investment in this regard. Because bacteria can contribute to wearing down the cloth, antimicrobial cloth tends to last longer than regular ones.

Given all these benefits, you won’t have trouble choosing the Certainty scrubs for you. Different scrubs manufacturers veer towards specific styles. So whether you want something sportier, something elegant or even something that just looks like a traditional medical scrub, there’s plenty to choose from.

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