Lighting is an essential home design element. When selecting light sources for a project it is essential to consider other key factors. How lighting will interact with room size, color selections, furniture and décor, as well as available natural light, is an important aspect as well. Use these helpful tips to ensure a seamless combination between room functionality and lighting style:

Work with Color

The overall color of a room can enhance lighting, or absorb it, depending on wall surface texture. Some wall covering collections retract light, allowing the room to attain a natural brightness. While other wall décor choices, such as darker colored paint, give a general cramped feel to a space. With the right type of lighting options an illusion of space is created. This is achieved through the further illumination of wall surface reflection.

Work with Lighting

Room lighting works in either one of two specific ways: as a means to highlight key room features, or as a general method of full space illumination. Track lighting, used to bring specific attention to a room element, is a perfect example of pointed lighting. This type of fixture is typically hung from overhead, where adjustable lamps and necks are pointed at key décor features. Whereas recessed lighting is normally used to create beams of vertical light, central fixtures control overall room glow.

Work with Space

Any illusion of space is created with the use of both man-made and natural lighting. Dark rooms need full-spectrum light to brighten space. Without sufficient lighting, darker rooms will simply feel cold, while brightly colored ones will look dull. Often, simply switching wallcovering collections, or removing close-proximity furniture, is enough to brighten any room. Replace all opaque curtains with sheers if more natural light is your end goal.

It is important to consider the placement and type of light in any given room, as it plays a key role in interior design. Remember, lighting and light fixtures can change the mood of any space, alter spatial awareness and illuminate décor style. Visit Maya Romanoff at website URL for more details.

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