Find Quality Merchandise At Blade City!

Whether you’re a collector or a sportsman, a great knife goes great with your lifestyle. Blade City presents battle ready katanas, switchblades, and replica knives that are durable and functional. We present subscription knife boxes and individual purchases from trusted brands such as Kershaw and Gerber.

Our retailer of knives and weaponry is great for sports, cooking, and more! Many of our sets include multiple items to gift to friends and family or simply build your collection. Here’s a quick rundown of why you should choose Blade City over other retailers.

What Can I Expect From Blade City?

– Quality Swords

Our battle ready katanas are a great replica of their authentic roots in Japan and are great for display and cosplay. Single and dual sets are perfect for adult collectors.

– Sturdy Tactical Gear

When you’re experienced in blade sports, you want a durable knife and tactical gear. Blade City presents sheaths and cases to keep your collection organized.

– Self protection

No matter if you’re a man or woman, you may feel safe with self-protective gear. Blade City offers stun guns and batons if you want to feel extra protected in public.

Choose Blade City For Benefits!

Merchandise from Blade City can be available for free shipping worldwide, easy returns, and mystery gifts with your purchase. Customer support is available with speedy responses from for any questions you may have.

Look to a company with trendy items and durable wares that can enhance your lifestyle, whether you simply want a gift for friends or a new addition to your knife collection. Blade City is here for online shopping with products that fit all styles and come with a money-back guarantee in case you need it.

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