Fashion trends tend to come, stick around a while, and then leave to never be seen again. However, some trends we seem to keep coming back to. That’s the case for the jumpsuit, an outfit with the ability to adapt and evolve over the years. There are hundreds of websites out there peddling jumpsuits for women on sale, but do you know where the jumpsuit started?

The Year 1919

You may be surprised to know that the jumpsuit first made its appearance back in the year 1919. That just goes to show how long a trend can linger if it has the personality and look to captivate the population. Back in the early days, you could see jumpsuits on everyone from aviators to racing drivers and models on the catwalk. This outfit was the perfect choice for influential women enjoying leisure pursuits. It didn’t hurt that hearing one showed you had a bit of money to spend.

Hollywood Glamour

What really made the jumpsuit take off was Hollywood. Leading actresses like Ann Southern brought the jumpsuit from the beaches and yachts to the stage, where it took off like wildfire. Women searching for role models in these women were soon looking to buy their own jumpsuit to show off their sophistication and boldness.

The 50s and 60s and Beyond

Amidst the time of optimism and social change, the jumpsuit made it’s mark once again. It was worn as an elegant form of casualwear and eventually became an outfit that would be forever a part of pop culture. Moving into the 70s, designers created elegant and outrageous jumpsuits for men and women alike. Debbie Harry and Mick Jagger were both fans of the outfit, which screamed attitude and style.

Modern Life

After a stint in the 80s where jumpsuits became brighter and more colorful, the jumpsuit stayed quite for a while. However, it has come back and with a vengeance. You can now buy jumpsuits for women on sale at various boutique websites. These jumpsuits are less flashy than the ones of the 80s, but they still make a statement wherever they are seen.

High-Quality Fashion

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