Buying mistakes can lead to a lot of heartache and stress. If you’re shopping around for Persian rugs in Houston, here’s what you’ll want to avoid.

Shopping from a dodgy supplier

You’re excited to own these rugs. But before you shell out the money for them, make sure you’re dealing with a trusted and reputable supplier. You wouldn’t want to send the payment only to realize you’ve been scammed when you receive rugs of substandard quality. The first step then is to always do your homework and check out the suppliers first.

Picking the carpet for last

Rugs tie your interiors together. That’s why it’s best that you pick a carpet first. That way, you can choose furniture, decors, and pieces for the room that pick out some of the colors in your rug. That should make for a well-balanced space, the HGTV says. If you start with the rest, you may have a harder time finding a rug.

Forgetting about the size

Before you shop around for Persian rugs in Houston, make sure you know the right rug size. If you want those rugs in your living room, measure your table. Want to put one in your dining area? Check the size of your table beforehand. By knowing the size of the main furniture pieces you’re working with, you won’t end up with rugs that may be too small or too big for the areas you have in mind.

Not checking for damage

When you receive your order, be sure to check for damage right then and there. Are the edges of the carpet frayed? That means it can unravel much too soon. That’s not a good investment. Check the company’s return policy to make sure you can send the item back without any problems. The sooner you deal with the return, the sooner you can get the rug you want in excellent, brand-new condition.

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