Whether you’re planning to learn to bake at home or hope to own a bakery one day, there are certain tools you’ll always need. Baking is fun, creative, and the delicious results bring nothing but happiness. If you’d like to start stocking your supplies and getting ready to develop your skills, you’ll have to start somewhere. Here are a few basic tools to purchase if you’d like to enter the world of baking.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Baking is a science– the American Chemical Society considers it chemistry!– and precise measurements are required if you want your cakes, pies, and biscuits to come out perfectly. Pick up a set of measuring spoons and measuring cups if you don’t have them already– they’ll also come in handy for cooking.

Whisks, Sifters, and Spatulas

When you’re starting out, you can get by with a whisk for mixing and a spatula for spreading out batter into pans and frosting cakes. Pick up a few differently-sized whisks for larger and smaller batters. You’ll also want a sifter, which is used to combine dry ingredients like flour.

Mixing Bowls

This goes without saying– you’ll need something to mix that batter in. You’ll want to start off with two or three different sizes.

Cake Pans

Standard square cake pans from N.Y. Cakes’ wide selection is an excellent choice to start with. Once you get accustomed to baking with square cake pans, you can move on to different shapes and molds for more creative desserts.

Cooling Rack

Once your cakes, cookies, or cupcakes come out of the oven, they’re going to need a spot for even cooling. A cooling rack is perfect for setting your baked goods on after you remove them from their pans.

As you gain experience, you’ll want to branch out with different tools and equipment to get creative with your baking. But a few basics are all you need for a successful start.

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