Personalized business giveaways help promote your company to the business community, either through mass promotion, mail-outs, or by giving selected items to your fellow executives, employees, and colleagues. These items can help promote your business even better than print or radio advertising, and help spread your business’ message through word of mouth. Selecting which promotional items to giveaway to employees, colleagues, and other people in the business community can prove to be challenging. The items you select for these individuals will be different than those that are ideal for consumers or potential consumers, which can make ordering those items a bit confusing. Here are some tips to keep in mind.


Traditionally, employees will be given personalized business giveaways as rewards for a variety of accomplishments or as incentive prizes. These items should be of a higher quality and standard than the usual pen or calendar given to consumers or potential consumers. Your employees are the face, voice, and heart of your company, and deserve to receive something special for their efforts. Many promotional companies will have high quality executive pens, clocks, or other specialty items available for personalization. Think outside the box as well, and consider items such as leather carry-on luggage, laptop bags, or even die cast models branded with your company’s logo. This helps to make your employees feel valued and appreciated, whereas giving away the same item you give to consumers can make them feel like they are only deserving of what’s left in stock after the latest trade show.

Colleagues and Peers

Businesses that wish to market to other businesses should also consider a higher quality of item than those given away to consumers. Think about the time of year when making this decision. For example, around the holidays a gift basket containing candy and other food items will go a long way to make an impression on another business, as the executives can share these items with their staff. If it’s summer, consider sending items that would help with a company picnic or other team building activities. These are great ways to get your brand across to the executive level and to other employees, who may in turn recommend your company to their friends and family.


If your company has student volunteers or summer student employees, consider giving away items that would be useful for the upcoming school year. A personalized backpack containing pens, notepads, and highlighters would be appreciated by nearly all students, and will help spread your brand to college or university campuses across the country.

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