Quilting was once done by women as a necessary household chore to ensure that their family members had warm bed coverings required to keep warm during long, cold, winter nights. Additionally, quilts were used as gorgeous home decor in the form of quilted wall hangings and other decorative items. Today, many Canadians wonder where they can find stunning quilting supplies, kits, and spectacular quilts for sale in Canada.

An Interesting History of Quilting in Canada

When settlers first arrived in Canada from faraway places, such as the British Isles and the New England regions of what is now the United States, they brought with them their love and skills of quilting. This was generally in the 18th century, and one historical Canadian quilt dates back to 1775. Quilts were made by women to mark certain life events, such as marriage quilts crafted for the couple’s marriage bed. The art of quilting has been found as far back as certain ancient Egyptian civilizations.

Quilting As a Popular Hobby These Days

The art of quilting has come a long way since its beginnings. More people are picking up this art as an enjoyable hobby. In some close-knit communities, women today still gather together to make special occasion quilts to mark weddings, baby showers, and community events. Many individual craftspeople offer original quilts for sale in Canada that quilting enthusiasts truly can appreciate.

How to Learn Quilting Skills and Find the Right Quilting Supplies

Some areas of Canada have local quilting and/or sewing supply stores where individuals can purchase their favorite crafting supplies. Those that live in more rural areas might have to travel a long distance to find a quilting supplies retailer.

Quilting beginners and experts can find lots of quilting supplies and pattern books conveniently online from Canadian quilting supply retailers.

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