There are few things more warm and welcoming than a well-crafted Wood Staircase in Newport Beach homes. These are a necessary addition to any home, but are often looked at only functionally, rather than with design in mind. That is unfortunate because a carefully designed staircase will improve safety, add resale value, and improve aesthetic appeal.

When you think about it, there are few things that look richer and more luxurious than a solid Wood Staircase in Newport Beach. When it is assembled from exotic or quality hardwoods, coated in a deep shade, and polished to a lustrous shine, a staircase can completely renew your home and boost its resale value. Consider how many fine homes, palaces and castles have distinctive staircases displayed like art pieces in a conspicuous location in the center of the home.

You do not need a castle to impress someone with your method of access to the second floor. Any home of any size can include a grand staircase. Even small homes can enjoy a solid, decorative Wood Staircase in Newport Beach. A spiral or curved set of stairs will make it possible to create a staircase that is comfortable to use as well as visually appealing.

If you believe that wood is too casual, rustic or old-fashioned a material for your modern tastes or home, think again. Wood can be incorporated with many other materials to create an entirely unique, one-of-a-kind creation that will impress everyone who sees it.

Professionally designed and assembled steps and staircases have a huge advantage over commercially manufactured products. They are able to be built to make the most of the space they are installed in. Landings and platforms, customized built-ins under the stairs, and so much more is possible when you have a professional create your Wood Staircase in Newport Beach.

If you are remodeling a home, instead of leaving your staircase until the end of the remodel, almost as an afterthought, consider instead having it refinished first. Let the rest of your design flow around what has historically been one of the most important features of a home.

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